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18 Apr 2022 Member of the SDG Movement: our goals and concrete approach.

the Sustainable Development Goals.

There are 17 sustainability goals – adopted by the United Nations in 2015 – that constitute an action plan to fight poverty and get the planet back on track towards
sustainability. As a member of the SDG Movement, we contribute to this with our cane straws!

We are extremely proud to be part of SDG and we selected 6 goals for ourselves that we wish to meet.
Curious about what these goals are and what our approach is? Then read on quickly.

Goal 1.
no poverty.

A large part of our employees lives and works in Vietnam.

A country where poverty and exploitation are unfortunately still the order of the day. We hope to make a difference with our Sedge Straws. That’s why 10% of our profits go to charity.
In addition, we treat our team fairly. Our employees therefore receive above-average wages. This is how we fight poverty together!

Goal 3.
Good health and well-being.

As a company, we guarantee the good health of our employees.
We also find it very important to promote the well-being of our team.
Well, then a monthly BBQ for employees and family is a must. These team building moments ensure a close-knit group, where they know that they can count on each other.

Moreover, it strengthens our bond to take the journey together. That’s just as important!

Goal 9.
Industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Every day we build a resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization.
Innovation? That is also high on our priority list! We try to make our workshop climate neutral by, among other things, investing in solar panels. In addition, we separate our waste and try to process it as environmentally friendly as possible.

Despite the fact that global production plummeted due to Covid-19, we continued to invest in a sustainable economy. In the future, we will improve our digital infrastructure by leveraging blockchain technology and provide full traceability and transparency to our customers.

Goal 12.
Responsible consumption and production.

Our global material footprint increased by 70% between 2000 and 2017. During this period, 5 trillion plastic bags were thrown away every year and 1 million plastic drinking bottles were bought every minute worldwide. Shocking.

Fortunately, the alarm was sounded and there is now a ban on plastic bags and single-use products, such as plastic straws. That’s where we make the difference with our reed straws!

We fully support the cradle-to-cradle principle: we grow our reed completely organically, harvest it by hand and process it into straws without using chemicals or preservatives.
And afterwards? Our straws can just go into the ground! They are completely compostable.
Then the circle is complete, right?

Goal 15.
Life on land.

More than a quarter of the IUCN Red List species (including the Sarus crane in Vietnam) are threatened with extinction. Fortunately, progress has been made in sustainable forest management. Yet the world has lost 100 million hectares of forest in two decades. So protection is desperately needed! Unlike paper straws, our straws are made without cutting down trees.

We are breathing new life into the traditional reed beds. In this way we contribute to the protection of biodiversity in the Mekong Delta region. The reed beds ensure that the cranes can breed and hibernate here.

In this way we protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of our ecosystem.

Goal 17.
Partnerships for the goals

Our last goal stands for mutual trust, openness and respect for culture and nature. Our partnership with local companies, various NGOs and the Vietnamese government makes it possible for us to build a bridge between East and West.

On the one hand we supply sustainable products to the West, on the other hand we bring financial stability to the East. A win win. We jointly strive for sustainable development and our sedge straws are the perfect solution!

About our sustainable products:

Do you have a cafe, restaurant, (cocktail) bar or lunchroom and are you looking for a good alternative for
the plastic straws? Sedge Straws is what you’re looking for! Our straws have all the features
from a plastic straw with the bonus of being 100% natural, biodegradable and
good for our planet!

Order your Sedge Straws for home use directly via www.sedge.be. Do you want to know more
about our offer for professionals? Please feel free to contact us via the web form.


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